The Blue Darts

The Blue Darts are a Bendigo blues band which started performing around Central Victoria from 1991 -2001. They were one of the few bands in Bendigo playing blues and were stalwarts of the scene for a decade. The Blue Darts reformed for the 2016 and 2018 Bendigo Blues Festivals and the line-up is: Scott McLennan (Guit Voc), Dale Lindrea (Bass Voc), and Rod Bradbury (Drums Voc). Their performances are always energetic and authentic and will be indicative of the Darts tribute to Chicago Blues, Jimi Hendrix and world music. To get a sense of what they are like you can click on the link below or search for Scott McLennan blues guitarist on YouTube and check out their Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival performances. The Darts will be playing at the 2022 Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival, so we hope to see you there. Closer to the date we will upload details of our gigs (times, venues etc) so you can come and see us.

This is a taste of their sound.

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